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Mt Bera Vineyards - Adelaide Hills

Mt Bera Vineyard is located just 35 minutes north-east of Adelaide GPO via the scenic Gorge Road along the Mt Bera Vineyards ViewRiver Torrens catchment. The property consists of 85 Ha with 11.5 Ha of mature vines made up of:Max’s Vineyard with 4.22 Ha of Cabernet Sauvignon planted in 1997; and Valley Vineyard with 4.14 Ha of Merlot planted in 1998, and 3.21 Ha of Pinot Noir planted in 1998. The remaining area is made up of a further 6 Ha proposed vineyard, 3 Ha of
native bush, and 64.5 Ha of prime grazing country.

The garden and surrounding grounds feature many varieties of mature trees such as cork, chestnut, various apple, walnut, olive, culinary-grade bay tree as well as large oak, cyprus, and pine, all dating back to the original settlement and the owner’s love of the Devonshire countryside in England after which Mt. Bera is named.

The existing vineyards were orchards. The soils are all red-brown soils to
0.5 – 0.75m with underlying red clay. The slope of the land tends to be steep
with good water and air drainage. Elevation is 325- 400m. The BED’s have
been calculated for Mt. Bera and these indicate that the three varieties planted
are well suited to the area. Watering is minimal and when required is applied
by drip irrigation. VSP (vertical spaced positioning) trellising is used, with
x2 foliage wires to assist in exposing the fruit to the sunlight. The vines
yield 6-8 t/Ha in a normal season.
Pinot Noir
3.21 Ha of Pinot Noir, clone MV6, was planted in 1998. A parcel of this fruit
has been processed at Penfolds Magill Estate for the Cellar Reserve Pinot Noir
since the first vintage in 1999.
Cabernet Sauvignon
The Cabernet Sauvignon was irrigated for the first two vintages only.
A total of 4.22 Ha was planted in 1997. The clone is SA125.
4.14 Ha of D3V14 Merlot was planted in 1998. A parcel of this fruit was used
to create an award winning wine producing exactly the wine makers distinctive
requirements in a merlot.

Mt Bera 3.13 Pinot Noir
Mt Bera Pinot Noir