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OutBacchus is a new venture comprising a collective of small Australian artisan winemakers. The focus is on extreme high quality, purity and exclusivity at all stages.

Our First Shipment
Our First Shipment arrives in the UK

The premise is simply to provide superb quality wines to a discerning UK customer base. These wines will create a point of difference for you and your customers and elevate the standard of dining and wine drinking pleasure to a different level.  All are hand-made in very small quantities and all are independently assessed by the leading wine reviewers in Australia before being selected for the list. The amounts are very limited as the whole operation is focused primarily on quality as opposed to quantity.
All of the wines selected are made from single vineyard fruit using organic or biodynamic methods with minimal intervention at all stages of production.
The wines are shipped direct from the owners/makers to us direct without any middle-men mark-ups so they represent quite extraordinary value for the superb quality product they are, comparing very favourably indeed to wines costing many times more.

Detailed independent assessment of each wine by a world-class wine reviewer is available along with full technical specifications detailing the wines production and history of the producers.
These wines are not cheapies, but neither are they ridiculously priced, they are not factory made bulk blends made from fruit from various parts of Australia, they are not supermarket wines and will never be, they are stunning in their beauty and rarity and we encourage you to try them, we are confident you will be delighted with the quality and pricing of these beautiful wines.

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