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Touriga Rose 2006

Here’s a pink wine that should appeal to both sexes at the barbecue. With the fresh, raspberry fruitiness a rosé must have, there’s also a steely backbone to it that could see it cope with a charred chop. It is another rare Australian rosé that doesn’t try to charm with sugar sweetness
Greg Duncan Powell, Sydney Morning Herald - 6-7 January, 2007

A vivacious and cheeky light red from a small Langhorne Creek producer. It’s chockers with fresh raspberries and maraschino cherries with dry savoury palate making it a superb summer food wine.
Kylie Fleming, Uncorked - Messenger Press - 17 January, 2007


Karra Yerta

Riesling 2005

Cool this, unscrew, pour your glass and ponder while the bottle breathes for and hour or two in the fridge. Go again, and you'll begin to realise the quiet force and huge cellaring potential of this mighty nesting from the Valkyrie uplands atop Flaxman's Gully. For this is Valykrie wine: syrupy, dry, austere stone and muscle with Tim Smith's sensitive wine-making ensuring decades of safe maturation. Strong food: Duck, Beets and Red cabbage. 94+ points
Philip White - The Independent 27th February 2007