Artisan Wines of Australia

Touriga Rose

The Old Mill Estate Touriga was planted at the request of St Hallett in 2000. While the St Hallet team directed most of this fruit to dry red blends,we are increasingly convinced that it is best suited to dry rosé. This might seem unlikely, as Touriga is used to make port at its source in Portugal. But the grape’s boisterous, extra characterful flavours are strong
enough to impart real body and attitude to rosé which far too often emerges simply as a “lite” form of the varieties used in its manufacture. (Witness the lake of thin, weedy, bleached or centrifuged cabernet rosés which have appeared since the wine glut.)

This wine drinks beautifully with all manner of smoked seafood – perfect with smoked mackerel or herrings – lighter, pink meats, salads, and lighter, dry white cheeses. It should not be served too cold. Cellar temperature is sufficient.

The Touriga was harvested in the cool of early morning to preserve its vivacious aromatics. The fruit was crushed and pressed immediately, this removal of the skins restraining the deep colour and aggressive phenolics which Touriga develops very quickly on skins. The vibrantly pink must was then settled and racked. A neutral yeast strain, selected for maximum expression of pure fruit, was added and the wine was fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel. It was cold-stabilised before bottling, with absolutely minimal filtration.


Download the PDF
datasheet for this wine. (2005)


Download the PDF
datasheet for this wine. (2006)